Celebrating family in all corners of the world!


Celebrating family in all corners of the world!

Mother’s day is everyday in a way, isn’t it? I mean every day I give thanks for my mom and all the amazing women and moms in my life! They are all truly special!! I have always had family in Germany and America… so the idea of “international love” and love that truly knows NO distance is no stranger to me. I love my cousins, aunt and uncle in Germany just as much as those living less than an hour away in America. Now another amazing family in Germany is a part of my life and I can not imagine being happier! So today on this Mother’s Day I want to say thank you to mothers everywhere, near and far, you make a difference and I am so grateful! Even though I cannot always be with the people I love most in person, that’s what living an international life will do to you, I can still be with every person I love in heart… thinking about them, Skyping them and making sure that I check in and let them know I love them! Enjoy your day everyone, may it be filled with people you love!


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