As Pretty as an Airport?


As Pretty as an Airport?

It is no wonder that the expression has not been produced in any language because what does it mean? Each person’s experience at an airport varies. For some it is an emotionless place to get to the next business endeavor, for others it is a place to get to a vacation destination, for others it is the way to see family and for others still it is the mode of transportation for couples in long-distance relationships.
Airports can generate no emotion or sheer joy, sadness, excitement, and frustration. Airports are known to exhaust and energize people. Exhaustion comes from layovers, long flights, sleepless journeys and yet airports can energize people as the excitement of the next endeavor fuels their souls.

What do airports mean to me? Personally, I have grown to have a fully developed love-hate relationship with airports. Like an emotional roller coaster, airports leave me smiling, crying, laughing, hugging, smiling, crying, and smiling and crying some more. I love going to Logan airport for arrivals to pick up my fiance when he flies in (and family and friends when they come too). When standing among everyone else who is eagerly awaiting the arrival of a loved one there is a rush in the air, an almost tangible sense of jubilation. Arrivals symbolize celebration, reunion and love reconnected.
Departures, for me at least are a very mixed bag of emotions. For me, departures in the United States include sadness and excitement… when saying “until next time” to my fiance and family I feel like the air surrounding me is heavy and grief-stricken. Hating goodbyes, I choose to not say goodbye and to simply say I love you and I cannot wait to see you again soon! When I am the one who is boarding a plane though I just cannot wait to board! The thrill of knowing that I will soon be in the arms of those that I love half way across the world is such a rush. When boarding to leave New England weather behind for the beautiful warmth of Mexico or Jamaica.. I am psyched to get away to relax, making new memories on vacation!

My feelings towards airports is constantly changing… but remains in a love-hate continuum.
I continue to be so thankful for the ability to travel to other countries with such ease and comfort.


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