In Gratitude to those serving: Past and Present, Near and Far


In Remembrance of those serving: Past and Present, Near and Far

Joining Bloggers for Peace, my post for peace this month is in remembrance and honor of all those who served and continue to serve our country. The flags in the photo are from a memorial in Boston, Massachusetts in memory of every fallen service member from the Civil War to the present. The last Monday of every May is Memorial Day, a national holiday in the United States of America dedicated to the lives of those who served in the Armed Forces. The ultimate sacrifice, that of one’s life, provides us with the chance to wake up in a peaceful country with no fear of harm.

Today we take a special moment to say thank you.

 and starting now, I dedicate a moment of everyday to thank you.

Thank you to everyone and anyone working towards peace whether as a firefighter, in the armed forces, volunteer, parent, police officer, educator, friend, family member etc.


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  1. As a gentleman I yearly march with in the Memorial Day parade (a veteran of the Vietnam Era) once told me…

    “No one desires peace more than a soldier.”



  2. Reminds me of a quote I read once, “I pray for me today, so that one day I will have to pray for peace no longer. Peace will just be”

    Thanks for sharing your story Dad. ❤

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