The secret to living the life of your dreams is to start living the life of your dreams today, in every little way you possibly can. -Mike Dooley

My life, different from yours, includes its unique set of dreams. Dreams, turning into reality with each moment that I take action towards their achievement are a wonder to see unfold. Not all my dreams come true as quickly as I would like them to, but with patience, persistence, love, and baby steps living the life of my dreams turns into reality.

The past few months and the summer months are steps toward a dream: Study Abroad and living in Germany closer for a time to my loving fiance, family, and friends there…

Step 1: Apply for study abroad program through GlobaLinks Learning Abroad at Freie Universitat Berlin

Step 2: After acceptance, apply for as many scholarships as I can get my hands on!

Step 3: Have patience, more than I was originally wanting to… great things come in time.

Step 4: Receive approval from department chairs at my home university for classes that will be taken apart

Step 5: Have all paperwork signed and completed, copied and sent to GlobaLinks Abroad

Step 6: Continue clear communication with advisors, program, host university and home university

Step 7: Work on learning some basic German language skills before it is time to fly off, Pimsleur is a great language program for those interested.

Step 8: Book a flight!!!

Step 9: Wait for knowledge on scholarship acceptance/declines…

Step 10: Submit travel plans to study abroad program

Step 11: Meet other students traveling abroad through Facebook

The remaining steps continue to unfold… in an effort to assist in financing my time abroad … I am working full time all summer before I leave… a new journey begins during my eight weeks left here in the USA.

The secret to l…


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