Dad, You’re my Hero by Teresa James *Dad’s day song*

As I did for Mother’s Day.. I would like to stop and say thank you! Thank you to my incredible Dad and to dads and father-figures all over the world. 

I will always remember the Christmas store that my Kindergarten had so that all of us in my class could bring our change and buy gifts for our family. I excitedly picked out an art easel decoration for my mom and a Super Dad notepad for my dad.

I could not wait for Christmas to come after my selection because I was sure that I had just picked out the greatest presents ever! What more could my parents want but a decoration and a notepad!?

… of course when Christmas day came my parents were thrilled with their gifts! Three years ago in 2010, during my first trip to Germany I bought my dad a mug that said “Du bist Super Papa“! On it is a lion with a superhero cape on and his arm up in the air.

My dad, my personal super hero. 

As a little girl, I thought my dad was the funniest… As a pre-teen I began to understand what people meant when they used to say “he’ll embarrass you someday”… As a teenager, I just wanted my dad to let go of the reigns and stop trying to hold me so tight. I wanted my dad to trust that I could do everything on my own (being the all-knowing teenager that I was)… now as a young woman, I am so glad that my dad is still here, ready to listen, make me laugh, embarrass me, frustrate me… whatever. 

You see, I will continue to grow up … but in my dad’s eyes I have come to realize that I will always be his little girl and in my eyes my dad will always be my Super Dad or in German my Super Papa


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  1. Oh, Em, you bring tears to my eyes. Yes, your dad is a “Super Papa”, und du bist eine super
    daughter (don’t know the German word for that). You are a blessing and a joy!

    • Oh, Mom, You are incredible! Thanks for guiding me and loving me every step of the way… together you and dad are Super Eltern (parents).
      Thanks! I love being your Super Tochter (daughter) ❤
      XO Love you!

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