I stand for love, equal, beautiful love.


“Where there is love, there is life” This is a phrase I have grown up hearing. I believe it completely with all my heart. Love does not exclude. Love does not see color, gender, race, size, differences, delays. Love sees what matters, the beauty that is within us. 

For years now, I have been troubled by the unequal rights that the government had in place for marriage rights. Marriage, a celebratory union of two people in love, was not federally recognized for those who are not heterosexual. Today though was an incredible day for love in the United States of America. 

DOMA is no more, ruled unconstitutional! Prop 8 is gone too ❤ Now this makes sense! Thank you Congress for recognizing that love is not a force to be interfered with. 

Everyone deserves to be happy and to have the chance to be married to the love of their life. Straight, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender… it is all beautiful, wonderful and lovely. There are still countries in this world where people are persecuted for being gay. The fight for equality is not over yet. 

My heart is smiling. Today a chant from Pride Day ran through my mind  “Have Pride, Have Faith” … let us never lose faith that change is possible!



About ewhite3

I am a curious, adventurous soul. I want to experience all that life has to offer all while surrounded by the people I love. I want to make a difference in all that I do, dedicating each day of my life to a greater cause. Every since my first time traveling I have been transformed and energized to discover all that this beautiful world has to offer and teach us. I am a college student, care provider, daughter, sister, friend, volunteer... I embody love, laughter, and fun. I choose to embrace the idea of leaving my comfort zone so that I may grow by learning more about the world, in turn learning more about myself. I blog to shine light on my international perspective on life. I blog to share my travels so that others may live through them. I blog to reflect on my own adventures. I blog to educate others and create desire.. desire to explore, travel and open our minds to new cultures, ways, and beliefs. I hope you enjoy as you follow me on my international experience: my amazing life!

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  1. Em, I love reading your blogs. You are a very insightful and talented writer. Thank you for your beautiful message on equal love as we continue to spread the message of love for all, by the way we live and by the way we ourselves show our love for others.

    • Sharon, Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. They mean a lot. I definitely agree that we spread the message of love through the way we live and love as our actions tend to speak louder than words I believe. It has been a great week for our country. At pride day I bought a shirt at the Human Rights Campaign tend that read, ” Love Conquers Hate” … how true ❤

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