Hallo, again it appears that time is getting away from me. I guess it can be taken as a good sign. I am keeping busy and having a lot of fun too. University is in full swing now- I have midterms next week – Yikes! I have no idea where the weeks went. With classes only four days a week, the weeks do tend to fly by. At university I am enrolled in four courses. All but one meet once a week for three hours. My German language course meets two to three times a week for three hours each time. Next semester, I will be in the intensive track where German language courses are held all four days of the week, I am actually really looking forward to that. My other three courses this semester, my content courses are titled:

Berlin: History, Memory, Literature

Contemporary Germany in the European Perspective

History of Central European Classical Music

For the most part I love my courses. The work load is honestly more than I was expecting. For my Berlin lit class alone I have to read on average a 100-200 page novel a week. This is of course just for that oneeee class and yes it’s true, I am studying abroad and really am loving spending time exploring the city that I live in. Of course, all these things take up time.

This week I also began volunteering at an afterschool program that is down the road from my apartment called “Bus Stop”. It was founded by an evangelical church. The program provides children ages 5-15 with a safe environment to hang out in afterschool. I will be teaching pottery lessons there. Have I ever made things with pottery? Not really! But there is nothing like trying something new J This week was my first pottery lesson so that I will know how to teach the children. So far, So good.

As a study abroad student I attend the FU-BEST section of Freie Universitat Berlin. Fun fact: Freie Universitat Berlin has actually had a lot of financial support from America in years past back around the 1960’s which I did not know. The university definitely acknowledges this and has an incredible study abroad program in place. 

A taste of Uni and Volunteering


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