The North Sea – natural beauty


This week I am on vacation … On Friday I said goodbye to Berlin for the week and yesterday I said hello to Northern Denmark. Today … I woke up to bright blue skies and dunes all around. The weather was gorgeous. Not wanting to miss out on a beautiful day we walked down to the beach – the North Sea! We had to walk through the dunes to get there. The dunes are nature in a way I have never experienced before … They are absolutely gorgeous. I found myself captivated by the soft, rolling nature of the dunes. The wind blowing through the dunes made all the plants and grass dance in the most mesmerizing way.
I couldn’t get enough of it. Seeing all this nature- in it’s glory, in a different way than I have ever witnessed before was truly spectacular!
I find it very refreshing to step back from the busyness of the city. I love the energy the city contains but also find restorative energy in nature with its fresh air, moments for reflection and more laid back ways.
I hope you enjoy the pictures which are a taste of the views right around the corner from where I am staying this week!






About ewhite3

I am a curious, adventurous soul. I want to experience all that life has to offer all while surrounded by the people I love. I want to make a difference in all that I do, dedicating each day of my life to a greater cause. Every since my first time traveling I have been transformed and energized to discover all that this beautiful world has to offer and teach us. I am a college student, care provider, daughter, sister, friend, volunteer... I embody love, laughter, and fun. I choose to embrace the idea of leaving my comfort zone so that I may grow by learning more about the world, in turn learning more about myself. I blog to shine light on my international perspective on life. I blog to share my travels so that others may live through them. I blog to reflect on my own adventures. I blog to educate others and create desire.. desire to explore, travel and open our minds to new cultures, ways, and beliefs. I hope you enjoy as you follow me on my international experience: my amazing life!

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  1. Beautiful pictures Em! So glad you’re enjoying your trip to Denmark. We’ve been following your posts on your studies in Germany too and it seems like you are having an amazing experience. We’re so happy for you and this wonderful opportunity. Thanks for sharing!

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