Dorky excitement


Dorky excitement

The first photo was taken during orientation week in Berlin. The second photo was taken during one of the last weeks of the semester in Berlin. As you can see both photos were taken in the same place. As you can also see I have a dorky sense of what is fun and cool. I thought the building behind me was awesome. My best friend from Berlin, Talia, took both of these pictures and agreed that they are dorky photos, but loved them just the same! …

I used to spend a lot of time caring about what others thought about me and the way that I live my life, what I say, what I find interesting and how I act. The past few years and this past semester have helped me to overcome this over thinking that I still continue to somewhat do. By just being myself without any worries I still am blessed to have some of the best friends in the world, all over the world and the most amazing family!
I have a dorky sense of humor and a child-like idea of fun. I appreciate the little things and laugh as often as possible. This year, like the past years has certainly been one to remember. I have grown even more, discovering myself through experiences and living abroad in Germany.
… With 2013 almost behind me, I look forward to what 2014 has in store! ❤


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