Oh yoga, where have you been?!


Oh yoga, where have you been?!

I don’t know why I waited so long to begin my yoga practice again, but I did. I went back to a yoga class today since I don’t know when, definitely before I was in Germany! It was delightful. I left the class feeling like I could just skip my way home. The practice really put me in a positive mood! Today’s class was small, but so rewarding. I went with two of my friends and met a woman who just moved to Berlin from Croatia and the yoga instructor herself was also from Croatia! As the class progressed I could feel the tension in my shoulders melt away. I could also feel the smile on my face spreading all through me! – pure joy and happiness from my head to my toes – I left that class tonight feeling more confident than I have felt in a while. It was a reminder to me of how much I love yoga and how positive practicing yoga is for me!
I am really looking forward to more yoga classes and to spreading my own wings more and more here in Berlin and Germany.

“I am whole, complete and perfect” yoga always reminds me of that 🙂 I hope that everyone remembers that about themselves, “YOU are whole, complete and perfect ”


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