Well there you have it. I am living a “Denglisch” life. My brain does not even seem to be distinguishing between the two languages at moments, when I begin in one language and end in the other. Well at least I am learning. I am well over the phase of being too nervous to practice because I know I will make mistakes and I have moved onto the phase where I want to practice as often as I can… which while wonderful and good for me has me saying some funny things. Here is an example: earlier today while at a museum with a friend, and I wondered if he was hungry. In German you say, “Hast du Hunger?” (Have you hunger?) … that just sounds down right weird when literally translated but as I said my brain is being weird… so I said my whole sentence in English that time, but I did ask… Have you hunger? He just looked at me and smiled. haha… This past week at university, I had an interview in order to determine which language course I best belonged in based on my knowledge of the German language. I placed right out of A2 and right into B1. This is a true sign of my progress since I came here last semester knowing no German at all and know I am at the third level! I am also babysitting in German and practicing German on a most-weekly basis with a language partner. When I watch TV I only watch it in German and when I talk I do my best to stick to German. This is not always easy though, but it is so good for me. A language that used to sound so foreign that I could easily classify it as white noise has become wonderfully recognizable.I still have a lot of progress to make and a long way to go, but I am getting there… and I can see, hear and comprehend the progress and this is a fantastic feeling!

So to where I am at in my language learning process I give to you this song, which makes me laugh every time I hear it =)

Enjoy by clicking on the link below 🙂


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