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When in Germany… why not do as the Germans do!??

Sunday was a holiday called Faslam… it is celebrated in the North of Germany and the celebrations fall under different names throughout Germany. I asked a few people why Faslam is celebrated and they do not know its origins. What they do know is that it is a time where floats are made for a huge parade during which candy is thrown from the floats to the kids and shots are poured for the adults… as one can imagine, it can be quite a party.
The only thing that I can think of that resembles Faslam in the United States is halloween… children and adults alike dress up in costume for this one weekend a year celebration! The music is loud, the energy is high and everyone is there to have a great time.

From my research aka a quick google and wikipedia search it appears that Faslam began as a way to provide farmers with something fun to look forward to after the long winter months. It appears to also tie into Carnival which is a festive season in Germany that comes right before Lent. … Whatever the reason that brought about this event is, the people come out in large numbers to join in on the celebrations… Above are some pictures of the floats from yesterday’s parade!