Trip- wilderness- ecology … Balance


Trip- a journey beyond the beginning of time-space shows me the path to the future.

Wilderness- the place where civilization is forgotten, where man forgets himself.

Ecology- the force of nature sustains us. Bask in nature, return to nature.

— I read these three quotes in the Design Museum in Zurich, Switzerland. When I went the museum was showcasing an exhibit of Japanese poster art. In Japan- posters are not as in the Western world. They are not on huge billboards or on the sides of buildings, instead they are inside houses, cafes, stores etc. Instead of bombarding everyone with information outside as they are perhaps on the go, the Japanese display their posters in a more intimate manner which allows for the viewer to read more, interpret more and spend more time understanding and interpreting the meaning of the work. This way of representation- indoors- also allows the artist space to be more intricate and meaningful about what it is that he wants his art to portray. I found the posters at the museum amazing and I loved every moment that I spent there.
The three above quotes stuck out to me because I believe that they speak of some of the most important aspects of human life …. and the most beneficial ways in which humanity and nature best interact and naturally function… We are natural beings. The world is a natural phenomenon . What we as humans choose to do with the world and our lives is not always best. I think it is important to remember the balance between man and nature.
– the day after going to this museum I hiked up a mountain with some friends and stayed at the top until sunset. There at the top of the fire tower on top of the mountain my friends and I together watched as the sun set over the Alps casting gorgeous shades of violet, orange, red and yellow over the mountains… On the other side we were able to see the city light up artificially as house lights turned on and street lamps lit the way.
To one side nothing but natural beauty laid before us, to the other side the beautiful energy of a city was on display. It was a view that I will not soon forget.

That hike provided us all with a moment of escape from the city. It was restorative, energizing and fun. I love living in a city, but also crave the connection to natural beauty that comes from a good day lost in nature. Balance – I believe – is one of the most important things in our lives to maintain. Hiking restored the balance for me that day. 🙂





About ewhite3

I am a curious, adventurous soul. I want to experience all that life has to offer all while surrounded by the people I love. I want to make a difference in all that I do, dedicating each day of my life to a greater cause. Every since my first time traveling I have been transformed and energized to discover all that this beautiful world has to offer and teach us. I am a college student, care provider, daughter, sister, friend, volunteer... I embody love, laughter, and fun. I choose to embrace the idea of leaving my comfort zone so that I may grow by learning more about the world, in turn learning more about myself. I blog to shine light on my international perspective on life. I blog to share my travels so that others may live through them. I blog to reflect on my own adventures. I blog to educate others and create desire.. desire to explore, travel and open our minds to new cultures, ways, and beliefs. I hope you enjoy as you follow me on my international experience: my amazing life!

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