“Whoops! looks like we are in Austria!”


While cruising through the Bavarian country side yesterday, my dear friend Kerstin explained… “Oh! Looks like we are now in Austria”.


I started laughing because it all just seemed too simple to be true. What a fun surprise, not only did I explore Southern Germany this past weekend but I also got the chance to hop on over and have lunch in Austria. We ate at a restaurant that has a terrace overlooking the Alps. I swear the mountains were so close that I felt like if I just reached my hand out, then I could touch them. As we ate, soaking up the sun’s warm rays we had the chance to watch on as people para glided over the Alps. From where we sat, we could see snow still on the ground below us and capping the mountains, but from where we were it was too warm to even have a jacket on.

I have always imagined the Alps to be breathtaking, but I never could have imagined just how breathtaking they truly are! I felt alive with a renewed sense of energy as we sat there, eating, chatting, soaking up the warm and taking in all the wondrous natural beauty that surrounded us.

What a wonderful surprise it was to have driven on over into Austria!


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