C’mon people I am tryinggg to live in the moment …


C'mon people I am tryinggg to live in the moment ...

The question of this week has been, “What will you miss most about Berlin?” To this question I feel like my answer is always insufficient because really here is my complete answer… Berlin, I will miss everything about you!

I titled this post as is because here I am in Berlin trying to live in the moment as best possible during my last days here after nine amazing months and so many people keep asking me, “what will you miss?”. This is a very valid question, but it is also one that I was feeling like I did not want to think much about yet. I am aware that once back state-side all that I will miss about Berlin may hit me hard. Massachusetts, while also a wonderful place to be, just simply is not Berlin.

I am thankful that people have asked me this question though. At first I felt like it was taking away from my “living in the moment”, but then I realized that is was doing the opposite by simply allowing me a chance to reflect on all that has taken place while I have been here and all that I have fallen in love with about this city and its people.
Instead of taking me away from the moment, I think that the question posed has in fact allowed me the chance to step more into the moment. It has done so by reminding me how amazing Berlin is to me and as can be seen from the people here, to many others too!

… Above is a photo that I took at Mauerpark two Sundays ago now. On Sundays at the park, which is located right next to a stretch of the Berlin wall (Mauer) that is still standing,  artists spray paint the wall, others hula hoop, play basketball, picnic, sing, search for treasures at the flea market, kick it with friends and a beer or two, enjoy some good food and karaoke! Here in the photo I snapped you can see hundreds of people loving life as they listen to other people who are also loving life down on stage singing their hearts out! Whether great or not all the singers kill it on stage with their energy, enthusiasm and sheer happiness! Want to know one thing I will miss about Berlin?

Here it is… Sunday afternoons with friends at Mauer Park, a cold beer, good food, and fun music, what more could ya want? haha 


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