the little things…


the little things...

… in life are what it is really all about.

Now back in the states for just over two weeks, I start working full time again today. for the month of May though, I was traveling, transitioning from place to place and country to country, catching up on reading, writing, reflecting and spending time with family and friends. In the two weeks since I have been back in the United States I have taken many walks and hikes through nature reserves, along the beach and up Mount Wachusett. I have found these moments where I am completely surrounded by nature and a few others who I am with or who also have taken the chance to embrace the natural beauty that surrounds us all, to be a great reminder of how it really is the little things in life that are the most important.
It is the quiet moments in between conversation with friends, a cup of tea after a busy day, a great book to read and get lost in, it’s hugs from that those matter most, it’s the looks that express what words cannot, it’s those walks that can be taken without a specific end destination, it’s meals shared together with those I love, it’s the innocent laughter of children, it’s the sunshine breaking through on a cloudy day or the soothing sound of rain as it hits the roof, it’s learning a new language and laughing along at the mistakes I make, it’s following my heart and letting life take me where it leads …

I feel particularly lucky to have traveled as much as I have. Since 2010 I have left my comfort zone and immersed myself in the language, food and culture of those in other countries. Intentionally leaving the tourist trap locations behind, (after checking some of them out, of course), I have had the chance to explore and learn what normal traditions are in the other countries and what daily life looks like for those living there. Throughout all this I have come to find that my desire to travel and experience all the cultures, different flavors and viewpoints that our amazing world holds are like an itch that I will never be able to fully scratch. …
The more I travel though, the more my belief is confirmed that it is the little things in life that are truly important. So I cherish them as I do every moment …
Today I start working again for adults who are handicapped and non-verbal, it is through the little movements, body language, and eye contact that we communicate… it is the little things that make a difference in my line of work … having the patience for the speed of others, believing in all that they can be… makes the world of difference… here’s to another summer on the job… full of moments of appreciation, humility, growth, love and learning.


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