My name is Emily. I am a Psychology major, Urban Studies minor at Worcester State University. I come from a big family, I have three younger brothers and a younger sister who mean the world to me! Since I was a little kid, I have been curious. I choose to live a life filled with adventure, new experiences and people! When I first started traveling, it just made sense to me. The idea of learning about another culture first hand is the best way to do it. In order to understand the ways of others we have to let go of ourselves and our idea of “what’s right” or what “makes sense”. I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel as much as I have since 2010. In three years I have traveled to five different countries, some even more than once. I have met many new people along the way and made some very dear friends all over the world! My fiance actually lives in Germany, I met him through my beautiful cousin who lives there too! Life is a funny thing… it doesn’t care how much we plan for it, it is going to work out in its own way! I am so psyched to be heading back to Germany in August through Globalinks Abroad for a year of study abroad at Freie Universitat!! Please follow me, like posts, and comment away as I blog through the journey of my international life! Not only through study abroad, but also through family, love, friendship, and volunteering! add another page.


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